To NFT Yourself please get in touch using the enquiry form below. I will respond personally, ask for a photo and discuss your ideas. If you then decide to go ahead I will ask for a small deposit equivalent to $100 USD paid in ETH to cover my costs associated with uploading your personalised NFT artwork to Rarible [dotcom], where it will be minted and made available for you to view and purchase if you like it.


I am NOT selling original CryptoPunks - there will only ever be 10,000 CryptoPunks - and all have been created and sold already. Trading for them now occurs only on secondary marketplaces starting around $30,000-$40,000 each.

Once CryptoPunks went live on the Ethereum blockchain, their scarcity was guaranteed as no one could issue more punks and none could be altered.

Instead, I am creating unique NFT artworks inspired by, and in the style of, CryptoPunks. Each one is completely individual, designed by me with your help (not generated algorithmically) according to your own personal brief.

My idea is to create NFT artworks based on my real-life customers, minted and immortalised with proof of ownership on the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain.

I am not associated with or endorsed by CryptoPunks and their creators, and have no affiliation whatsoever to them.

NFT Yourself. Copyright 2021.

For Punks & Crypto Degens Like Me

I will create and mint a unique, personalised NFT artwork based on your own character (e.g. to look like you, or perhaps a family member or friend) in the style of CryptoPunks. My private commissions are 100% original and designed according to my client's own requirements and characteristics. They are all 1 of 1's with proof of ownership on the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain... and digitally immortalise each lucky owner. For your ease and security: 1) I take your brief, 2) I design your unique character, 3) I upload it to the NFT marketplace 'Rarible' [dotcom] for you to view, and 4) If you're happy with what you see you pay me 0.5 ETH, although there's no obligation to buy at this stage, so really the risk is on me.

Thank you for looking.